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Thai Cuisine on Exmoor:

Thai cuisine has a world wide reputation for being fired with red hot chillies. At Tongdam we have reduced the heat in our dishes so that you can appreciate the delicate flavours created from the array of herbs and spices used within our menu of traditional and innovative recipes. For those experienced with the heat of Thai food, our chefs would be delighted in firing up your choice of dishes!

Our range of Thai dishes is extensive and our Tongdam Platter is a great way to try a selection of Starters. Thai Red Curry is a popular Main Course choice and is offered in various forms, starting with a Chicken Thai Red Curry. Our Duck Thai Red Curry is a popular choice, containing succulent marinated sliced duck breast, served with pineapple, grapes, lychee and tomatoes. The aromas from these dishes are just mouth watering and help to explain why Thai Cuisine has become so popular in the Western World. From our experience at Tongdam, the Chicken Thai Green Curry is one of those dishes that is regularly ordered by those who have travelled through Thailand. A dish that is totally different to its sister dish, the Chicken Thai Red Curry, produced with a creamy green curry sauce and served with young coconut meat, aubergine, and bamboo shoots.


Massaman Gae, braised marinated lamb is a specialty of the house, cooked in a creamy medium spiced curry, with tender small sweet potatoes, shallots, a touch of tamarind and finished with roasted cashew nuts.

Our desserts are far from standard, from Coy Chilli Ice Cream to Durian Cheese Cake, our ever changing variety of puddings show that desserts are an important part of the cuisine at Tongdam.
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