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At the Tongdam Thai Restaurant, we offer an ever changing wide range of traditional and innovative Thai dishes, where the aromas and flavours of Thai herbs and spices will dance on your senses. Where memories of your times in Thailand and the Far East will flood back as you make your way through our menu and work your way down a cool and refreshing glass of Singha, Chang or Tiger beer ! We hope your time at Tongdam will reflect the peace and tranquillity that is the Far East.

We have travelled extensively through Thailand, experiencing dishes from the best that Thailand can offer, importing ingredients when necessary to ensure that we reproduce faithfully our favourite recipes. Where possible, we will always use locally sourced produce as we strongly believe that the quality available within the West Country, is of the highest standard and only this grade is acceptable to Tongdam.

Whether you choose a Thai Red Curry or a dish of stir-fried Black Tiger prawns, the presentation of your choice is of paramount importance to us. With hand carved vegetables to help set the mood and present you with your choice, our dishes should look as good as they taste.


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